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Can my guests show an electronic copy of the voucher instead of printing it?

Yes, per our NEW policy, guests can show an electronic copy on their phone/device. The restaurants will be stocked with their own supply of vouchers. If a guest chooses to go this route, they should ensure the server goes and grabs a voucher to staple to their receipt.

My guest forgot to turn in their voucher or show an electronic copy, can their check still be counted toward their 20% donation to us?

No, unfortunately without proof that this guest came to support your event (at the time they are dining & before they leave), we cannot count their check. No exceptions will be made.

I saw on the Program Overview that there should be a representative from our organization present at our Applebee’s location during prime hours of our event. Is this mandatory?

No, this is not mandatory. HOWEVER, it is HIGHLY recommended. With a representative present when you are to expect most of your guests, they can ensure that your supporters know to turn in their vouchers. In addition, it shows your supporters that your organization is willing to put in the work and earn their donation/support. Having a representative there MAXIMIZES your donation outcome.

Can I hand out vouchers to other guests in your restaurant at the time of our event?

NO, vouchers are NOT to be handed out on Applebee’s premises. All vouchers, electronic or hard-copy, MUST be in guests’ hands before they enter the Applebee’s parking lot. We will not tolerate soliciting other guests. Management reserves the right to end your event without any donation made if these restrictions are broken.