Make a difference
with Applebee's.



Because of You!


Looking to raise money for your organization? Dining to Donate events are the perfect way to start!

Step 1: Register

Register your organization for a Dining to Donate event.

Step 2: Setup

We approve your event and email you a customized promotional flyer and voucher for your event. You will get an approval response within 3-5 business days.

Step 3: Recruit Volunteers

Your event will not be successful without your organization working as a team. Recruit volunteers to share your event details on social media, handout flyers, reach out supporters & handout vouchers to them. You should also recruit volunteers to be present at your Applebee’s location during prime hours of your 

Step 4: Remind Supporters

Make sure that you have a way to remind your family, friends and fellow supporters of your event during the couple of days leading up. (Hint: email is a great way to do this, if you collect their addresses beforehand). 

Step 5: Dine With Us

Be sure that you and your fellow supporters turn in their vouchers upon paying. We will send you a check worth 20% of sales generated by your guests, before tax and gratuity.



Please note that the information you enter in your request is used to pay your group by check. Please write out the organization name exactly as you'd like it to appear on the check and please enter the full mailing address where the check should be sent after your event. Entering incomplete or incorrect information may result in a delay in payment to your group. This information will also be used for your event vouchers.

2. Choose Your Location and Date